Paris attacked: Our thoughts are with France today

ISIS has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in Paris yesterday that left at least 128 people dead and roughly 200 wounded.

As President Obama stated last night, the United States stands firmly with France just as the European country supported the U.S. after 9/11.

The scale of the horror is just unfathomable. Several terrorists, eight of which are confirmed dead, unleashed a series of coordinated attacks in six sites throughout the city that included the Bataclan Concert Hall and the Stade de France. Per reports, the militants wore explosive belts and carried machine guns.

It's hard to believe that people in the world could carry out such evil, despicable acts in the name of their religion. How can one claim that their God "tells" them to unleash so much carnage and bloodshed on humanity? ISIS doesn't know what's coming to them. France's retribution will be merciless, I'm sure, and the U.S.-led coalition waging war against ISIS (which includes France) will come out victorious!

Our heartfelt condolences are with those affected by this senseless tragedy. The world stands united with France.

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