SURPRISE: THIS makes men and women more attractive

We've talked at length about things that women might find attractive in men and vice-versa, from intelligence and self-confidence to a great sense of humor.

A new study, though, finds that 1/3 of women registered on consider a man who owns a dog to be attractive. It also reveals that 1/4 of men find women who appear with a dog in their profile picture to be more attractive.

This study has significant implications for men and women trying to dream up ways to meet someone. If you have a dog, you could try taking it for a walk at the park. You're bound to bump into someone who loves dogs and/or owns one at some point. And if the conversation goes smoothly, perhaps a future dinner date is in the cards.

I realize, however, that the research is of little value to many people. Not everyone owns a dog, whether because they're allergic, don't want the responsibility, or don't like animals of any kind.

It's these individuals who try to find other things to show off in order to draw attention -- whether it's their car or clothing. Or, maybe they'd rather not draw any attention to themselves.

Surely, if you're looking to hook up, you have to find a way to put yourself out there. It's interesting that a good number of people feel more attracted to those who own dogs. Perhaps they see many of the qualities exhibited by the dogs as extending to the owner: warm, playful, lighthearted, friendly, and loyal.

Would you say you're more attracted to people who have dogs? Why or why not?

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