DON'T focus on the negative!

When something bad happens -- you break up with your boyfriend, have an argument with your boss, realize your identity has been compromised -- it can be easy to become consumed with negative thoughts.

But studies show that we're going the wrong way about it. Negativity leads to a bevy of unfavorable health outcomes, from high blood pressure and anxiety to loss of sleep and appetite.

People underestimate the sheer power that our minds can have over us. As soon as we become fixed on an unpleasant thought, our day can quickly unravel. We become grumpy and irritable, taking out our bad mood on unsuspecting people around us.

Getting upset is a natural human instinct, but it's when one allows that anger to fester for a prolonged period of time that feelings of depression and anxiety can set in. Being angry and negative won't make the situation get any better.

Focus instead on those things that make you feel good -- whether it be your kids, pets, or stamp collection. Redirecting your thoughts in this way -- even if only for a brief moment -- will help you feel better.

In the grand scheme of life, things that upset us today will eventually be long forgotten. That's precisely why it isn't worth it to harp on the negative.

Whatever the issue you're dealing with us, try your best to work toward a resolution. Start dating other people. Talk to your boss about the things that are making you unhappy, or start looking for a new job. Contact the credit bureaus and sign up for a service like LifeLock to safeguard your identity.

There's no going back: you have a problem, and now you have to focus on resolving it. Thinking positive -- believing that you'll get out of your jam sooner or later --  will position you to get your life back on track. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Believe you can and you're halfway there."

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Priscilla King said...

I'd call it focus on the facts. If I keep the focus on my little emotional feelings, I'm too busy analyzing how I feel to *feel* happy. If I focus on the facts, then I'm likely to feel happy about having fixed the facts.