Ladies: Stop doing your makeup in the car!

I know not all of you are guilty of this, but it's alarming how many women I've caught doing their makeup in the car. Some do it only while at a red light, but others continue to apply lipstick or blush even while the car is moving.

I understand that women are short on time in the morning and have no choice but to do their makeup after walking out the door. But doing this while driving is just asking to be in accident!

A better solution: Do your makeup in the car before even turning it on. You can alternatively put off the makeup until you've parked your car in the company parking lot. If you're concerned about being a few minutes late, just sign in and immediately head for the restroom.

I published a post earlier this summer about the hazards of fiddling with your cell phone while driving. I see applying makeup as no less dangerous. It's inportant we always keep our eyes on the road. There are far too many reports in the news of accidents that were caused by a distracted driver.

Stay safe out there!

Do you ever do your makeup in the car? If not, do you know anyone who does?

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