What would you like to see more and less of in the news?

I think we'd all agree that certain topics and people get far too much news coverage these days.

In this post, I'd like for everyone to list a few things you feel should be toned down.

Here are a few that come to mind:
  • The Kardashians, especially Kim Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner
  • Bill Cosby
  • Donald Trump
  • Murders and crime in general
  • Riots
  • Race issues
What do all these have in common?  They're negative and thus more likely to garner higher ratings. Is it any surprise the news outlets are all over them?

Here are a few topics I would love for the media to focus on more:
  • Humanitarian efforts
  • Charities
  • Pets
  • People who have overcome long odds to become successful in their careers
  • Families
  • Other "feel-good" topics
Which stories are you tired of, and which ones would you love to see in the headlines more often?

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