How to Understand People Turns 1!

I'm happy to announce that this blog is already a year old! It was officially launched on July 25, 2014 with the name "Relationship Advice and Relationship Tips." But the name didn't stick around for long. I decided to rename the blog "How to Understand People" because I felt such a title better captured what the site aims to do. It doesn't focus solely on relationships, but how human beings in general think and behave.

I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone for their contributions to the blog thus far. Not only has this first year seen many friendships blossom in the blog, but we've taken part in many interesting discussions ranging from why people spend frivolously to the reasons those around us shouldn't always be trusted.

I aim to make the blog even better over the coming months, so stay tuned for a couple of upgrades. If you have any comments or suggestions concerning the blog, or would like to ask for advice in private, please feel free to reach me on Google + or via email.

As always, I encourage you to reshare my posts and invite your friends or relatives to follow me on Google +.

Let's keep analyzing and understanding people, shall we?

Yours truly,
Moderator and Writer

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