The Biggest Determinant of Job Happiness is...

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't how much money you make, how engrossed you are in your work, the work/life balance the job affords, or whether you feel what you do makes a difference in the world.

While those things are certainly important, the single biggest determinant of on-the-job satisfaction is whether you get along with your boss and co-workers.

I have several friends and a couple of relatives who have resigned from their jobs despite genuinely enjoying the work and being handsomely compensated. In each case, they either had a toxic boss or one or more co-workers who had a penchant for stabbing them on the back.

Let's face it:

No amount of money an employer throws at us -- whether it's $75,000 or $5 million a year -- can compensate for having to tolerate an abusive supervisor or conniving co-workers. Given that most of us spend 40 or more hours at the office each week, having to put up with such behavior can eventually take a serious toll on us -- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you find yourself in this inauspicious situation, talk to Human Resources about it. If nothing is done to remedy the situation, just look for another job. Again, no job is worth sacrificing your health for. Companies can fire us whenever they choose, so don't feel you have to remain loyal to yours. Life is just too short.

Again, having a good relationship with co-workers is not only conducive to a happier, more productive work environment, but it ultimately benefits our health.

Have you (or someone you know) ever had to deal with an abusive boss or obnoxious co-workers? How was the problem resolved?

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