Why dating your friend's ex is a bad move

Would you date your friend's ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or refrain from doing so out of respect for said friend?

I'm here to advise you that doing the former would be ill-advised on many levels.

Dating your buddy's ex not only puts your friendship with him or her in serious jeopardy, but it could put your friendship with your ex at risk as well (assuming you've remained friends following the breakup).

You have to remember: You're courting someone who your friend probably loved and envisioned spending the rest of his or her life with at one point.

To enter into a relationship with him or her is, in my view, a flagrant no-no: Your friend may see this as stabbing him or her on the back and showing little sympathy for someone who may still be trying to get over the breakup.

No matter how bad the breakup, or how resentful we may be thereafter, I think a piece of all our exes always stays with us. We share moments and experiences with our partners that become embedded in our memory for the rest of our lives.

The thought of a friend creating new memories with our ex doesn't usually sit well with us. We might even feel like he or she has stolen something that belonged to us. The feeling can be even more intense for those who still hold feelings for their ex.

And if you're still friends with your ex, this may serve as the ultimate death knell. In such a scenario, you may feel utterly betrayed by two people in whom you once confided.

Do yourself a favor and steer clear of all your friends' exes. It'll spare you a lot of guilt and him or her feelings of anger and resentment.

If it's your friend who ends up coupling with your ex, it's up to you to decide whether your friendship is still worth keeping.

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