Here's proof you DO care about looks...

Many people tell me that looks don't matter to them, whether we're talking about dating, friendships, or merely walking up to someone to ask a question. I can prove otherwise.

Consider this for a moment;

  • If you were out on the street and needed to ask someone for directions, who would you approach: a professional-looking gentleman wearing a business suit, a youngster wearing a baseball cap backwards, or an obese woman who looks like she can hardly walk?
  • If you were at an animal shelter, which would you opt for: an adorable newborn kitten, or a 7-year old cat with respiratory problems?
  • Assuming you were a recruiter, who would you rather hire: an inexperienced but very attractive  (think George Clooney attractive) 35-year old, or a highly experienced man who leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department?
Be honest here. Don't sugarcoat your answers just to make yourself feel better! Think about what you would really do.

As much as I want to believe people when they see they don't use looks to guide their decisions, the examples above demonstrate that we care more about appearance than we'd like to admit. I care about looks to a certain extent, as do all of you on this blog. 

Whether we're on a date, in the middle of a job interview, or just people-watching at the mall, we tend to form a first impression of someone within seconds. And this isn't something we do only with people. We gravitate toward all things pretty, whether it's a pet, car, piece of art, or house. 

Studies show that the more attractive a person is, the more we ascribe other positive characteristics to the individual, like intelligence and generosity. 

The "uglier" someone or something is, the less we want it. Is it any wonder that most homeowners insist on buying a property that needs very little work done to it? 

In the dating arena, yes, some people place a higher premium on physical appearance than others. Still, there's usually something about the other person that we find appealing and thus draws us to him or her, whether it's a pretty smile, beautiful eyes, or a nice physique. 

And then there's material goods. Several women I work with seem almost obsessed with getting the prettiest jewelry, shoes, clothing -- you name it. Such people feel that by buying things that are appealing to the eye, they in turn look prettier themselves to others. 

There's a saying that says, "Don't judge a book by its cover." For better or worse, looks figure prominently in people's overall assessments of other people and things. To say otherwise would just be a lie.

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