Does this make someone boring or interesting?

We all know at least one person -- and it could be ourselves -- who just loves yapping on and on about his or her life. Whether it's talking about a child, neighbor, or the next cruise he or she intends to book, some people chatter incessantly about anything and everything going on in their lives. I actually have a couple of co-workers who do this.

Now, opinion on these talkative folks seems to be rather divided. On the one hand, some people find them to be interesting in the sense that they always seem to have a new story to tell. Then there are the ones who regard these people as self-centered, considering they rarely stop to ask others about their lives.

Personally, I find myself in the latter group. I'm not saying there's anything inherenly wrong with bloviating about your life. I just think it's only courteous to come up for air every once in a while and consider whether anyone else would like to add something to the conversation.

Do people who blather on about their lives tend to be more narcissistic than those who don't? That calls for some additional research, but all I can say is that people who can talk about themselves and their lives for hours are ostensibly more self-concerned than the average person.

I think asking other people how they're doing and letting them get a word in edgewise is only common courtesy. Personality obviously plays a role: Some of us love taking center stage more than others. For more introverted, contemplative types, we couldn't run fast enough from the spotlight.

What's your take?

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