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Many women admit to having been drawn to bad boys in their youth. They claim that they found their hyper-masculinity and self-confidence almost irresistible. Unfortunately, nice guys with good intentions were kicked to the curb, left scratching their heads over what they did wrong.

These same women say that they outgrew this phase as the desire for marriage, children, and overall stability crept in.

So here's the central question: Do women truly get over this love of bad boys, even when they're older?

I think that women eventually stop pursuing such men, but that doesn't mean they don't want to see a little "bad boy" in their partners at least once in a while.

In my view, women want their men to have some of the qualities commonly associated with bad boys, such as:

  • Self-confidence
  • Standing up for what he believes in, even if that means arguing to prove his point
  • Getting fired up for a cause about which he's passionate
  • Being aggressive and taking charge in the bedroom
Of course, no woman wants his partner to be violent, abusive, or hurtful. One has to make a clear distinction between a bad boy who exudes boldness and masculinity, and one called as such because he beats women.

That doesn't mean women frown upon men who show emotion. There's a time and place for that as well. 

But, in general, a woman wants someone who can defend her and himself, whether in a scuffle or verbal argument. A woman wants someone who isn't afraid to be a man. Since some of these traits were often characteristic of the bad boys they knew in high school, for example, I think women subconsciously crave men who can summon their inner bad boy when the situation warrants it.

In other words, although they may claim to no longer be interested in bad boys, they still want their partners to be one -- occasionally. 

What do you think, ladies?  Do you feel you've shaken off your love of bad boys completely? Or would you want your own partner to be one every once in a while?

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