What do you consider "HOT" in the opposite sex?

When a person says "He/she is hot," others might assume this individual is digging someone's six pack or long legs.

But hotness doesn't always have to translate to good looks alone. One person's definition of "hot" may be completely different than someone else's.

When I say a woman is hot, yes, I might be referring to her dazzling appearance. But I may also be describing her as such because she is self-confident or intelligent -- two qualities that, in my view, greatly enhance a woman's overall appeal.

To me, a woman who has long, shiny hair is hot, as is the kind who wears glasses and embraces the librarian look.

My point is that society and the media make hotness to be all about big boobs and biceps. This couldn't be further from the truth. After all, we mustn't forget that looks fade -- eventually, we all get those pesky wrinkles and a little flab in quite a few places.

That said, when contemplating what makes a person "hot," a rockin' body isn't a prerequisite for everyone.

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