Seize the day!

It's a new day -- one full of fresh possibilities. 

Let all your reasons for not achieving a goal yesterday be quashed as of this moment. Apply for that certification exam to enhance your qualifications. Commence your job hunt as the first step toward leaving the dead-end position you're in now. Start researching what it takes to get your fledgling business off the ground.

Take an imaginary sledgehammer and smash the "t" in "can't" into oblivion. You can do anything you set your heart or mind to. The only one holding you back from reaching for the sky is yourself.

Do away with any grudges you may hold towards friends or loved ones. If you find that the relationship is beyond repair, absolve yourself of all negativity by cutting ties and moving on once and for all. And resist the urge to compare yourself to others. Their lives are their own problem. Stay focused on you.

We all have a tendency to put things we want to do off because, well, life gets in the way. Whether yours is a vacation to the Bahamas or simply a day of pampering at the local spa, now is the time to get the wheels in motion.

On the road to success, there are no shortcuts. It takes courage, hard work, and perseverance to achieve our goals. Though life throws obstacles in our way, a positive mindset and the will to prevail can take us farther than we ever thought possible.

Seize the day and believe in yourself -- you CAN accomplish great things. You DO deserve great things. Don't let anyone -- even yourself -- convince you otherwise. Carpe diem!

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