How being alone can be good for you

As I've pointed out in other posts, being alone and being lonely are two completely different things. When people wish to be alone, they usually do so deliberately, whereas being lonely tends to be an undesirable consequence of a particular event, like breaking up with your boyfriend, moving to a new city, etc.

People can desire to be alone for a host of reasons:
  • To clear their heads
  • To gather their thoughts
  • To recharge after a long day at work
  • To read or pursue other solitary tasks in a quiet environment
  • They're not in the mood to be around people, especially after someone has done something to disappoint them
  • And many more...
Unfortunately, sometimes society makes people who crave alone time out to be weirdos. They're constantly given labels like "antisocial" and "stuck-up." Oftentimes, these descriptors have no basis in reality. Many people -- especially the highly extroverted, who thrive on social interaction -- fail to understand that there are those -- the introverted -- who enjoy being by themselves at times. The extroverts misconstrue the behavior as a slight -- they might assert that the person is only concocting an excuse to, say, avoid having to attend a party.

One problem that persists in this world is that far too many people refuse to broaden their horizons and accept that people are wired differently. Some of us can talk for hours on end at a party, while others have to retreat to a quiet room once the noise and chatter become too much to bear.

What's more, the social environment plays a pivotal role in shaping our personalities. Did you grow up around introverted family members? Did you hang out with quiet, bookish people at school, or with loud, gregarious football players or cheerleaders? All these factors in tandem to mold the disposition we have today as adults. 

If you like having your alone time, you should never feel like you need to apologize for or justify it. Life can be very stressful, and sometimes disconnecting is the only way of keeping our sanity. Well-meaning friends and family members might try to step in, but there are times when the only solution to a problem -- and the only way to achieve a sense of tranquility in your life -- resides in you. Sometimes we have to look deep within ourselves for answers -- ones no one else can provide. 

If anyone you know refuses to accept this, there's no reason to keep him or her around. You shouldn't feel pressured to change who you are -- for anyone. So go ahead. Relax, recharge, and relish your coveted time alone. 

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