Cant-miss tip for getting in a good mood

I have found that nothing puts me in a better mood than distracting myself -- even if momentarily -- from the present.

That can mean picturing myself lounging on a sun-dappled beach, surrounded by turquoise water (not as good as actually being there, but I'll take it); spending a few moments watching bloopers or videos of adorable animals; immersing myself in a compelling book; or listening to my favorite songs on my iPod Touch.

The key is to disconnect from the moment.

If you spend ALL your time ruminating on your carries and worries, life will become very monotonous.

Sometimes you just need a short break from your annoying coworkers, nagging neighbor, and others who drive you up the wall. Such an intermission -- however brief -- can leave you feeling more relaxed and/or energized.

I realize this is easier said than done for some people. Not everyone lives in their head or has the inclination to do so, especially those who tend to be more outgoing.

However, everyone I know whose given it a try says that the strategy succeeds at redirecting their often-negative thoughts toward positive stimuli, whether it be kittens or feel-good lyrics to songs they love listening to.

Escapism can be healthy so long as you remember to come back to the real world eventually.

Every now and then, allow your mind to focus on things that actually bring a smile to your face. Do and think about whatever induces in you a sense of joy. Life is too short to spend it fussing over work, chores, and other things that can leave us feeling down and drained.

A positive mindset yields positive outcomes!

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