How we see life through a different lens

Have you ever stopped and wondered how differently you might view life if you:

- Were born in a different country?
- Were born to different parents?
- Were of the opposite sex?
- Followed a different career path?
- Married a different person?
- Had gone elsewhere for college?

Indeed, many people take for granted the circumstances and decisions in our lives that got us where we are today.

What if you hadn't met your now-husband at the library? What if your parents had never met?

By considering such scenarios, we gain a greater appreciation for all we have in the present.

Even if things don't always work out exactly as planned (e.g., you divorced your husband but the marriage produced two wonderful children), we move on with our chin up, recognizing that life is never perfect.

You should never lament any of the decisions you made or paths you took if they're ones you ultimately learned from. And while we may not have control over certain things (e.g., where we were born and raised), there are always good things we can take from it.

Our upbringing, values, and experiences shape us into people who view life through different lens. While you may see red, someone else may see orange, and that's okay.

If we all acted and looked the same, and had an identical life story to tell, life would be very dull.

Looking at life differently is a great thing so long as we respect each other's disparate views and opinions. We took different roads to get to this point, and no path is any better than the other.

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