ANNOYING: Immature people

Not to toot my own horn, but I have always been very mature for my age -- almost to a fault.

When my peers wanted to frolic on the playground in elementary school, I preferred to stay in reading a book. In college, a similar scenario played itself out: Many of my friends would run off to get drunk while I worked out at the gym or studied.

Now I find myself in the workplace among people who are considerably older, yet less mature than I am.

Take the guy who sits next to me. He's about 20 years my senior, but acts like a kid in high school. He often makes crass sex jokes that could easily get him canned if someone in HR were to get wind of them. Remarkably, the guy is a bigger kid at heart than I am.

Yes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Life is too short to be taken too seriously.

But I cannot condone when people make total fools of themselves, which tends to be in evidence whenever liquor is involved.

A person who can't drink responsibly is more than immature -- they're reckless, posing a grave danger to themselves and others.

I don't mind a person joking around so long as they don't become overly obnoxious. For example, even when asked to stop their antics, some of these people may keep it up just to aggravate those around them.

Immature people can often be rude and insensitive, and they may not even realize they're being this way until they are asked to pipe down.

One has to strike the appropriate balance between levity and seriousness -- either extreme is bad.

We mustn't forget that life is rife with challenges -- ones that can't be tackled when a person is goofing off all the time.

I'd like to think that the fact I work so well with several people who are considerably older than me attests to my ability to be tactful and judicious.

Perhaps deep down I feel I'm in better company with these people than those closer to my age, who tend to be more boisterous and impulsive.

Do you feel you're more mature than many others around you?

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