Would you be intimidated by a partner with this?

Some people tell me that they'd actually be a little intimidated if they dated someone who came across as far more intelligent than them.

For example, a few people I know never graduated from college. They say they probably wouldn't date someone with a bachelor's degree -- let alone a master's degree -- because it would make them feel like the dumb one in the relationship.

To me, this smacks of insecurity. Why wouldn't you want to date someone who can have intellectually stimulating conversations? A person who is that profound is a good thing!

Now, if you were to tell me that it's because of a personality issue, e.g., the college-educated person is a book-loving political junkie while the other is all about beer and football, then I can understand their apprehension.

But crossing people off your list merely on the basis of whether they have a degree is flat-out silly.

I have yet to pursue my master's, but if my wife held one -- or even a Ph.D. -- I would be even more drawn to her. Why? Because I can appreciate someone who loves to learn. Being smarter -- more cerebral -- is a fantastic quality in my book.

While some people might see it as a negative, I'd much rather be with someone who nerds out on science or history than a person who limits their banter to superficial topics like shopping and reality TV.

I'm not saying that being into those things makes you any less intelligent, but let's face it. Talking lipstick or Kim Kardashian doesn't really burn many brain cells, does it?

I think nerdy is the new sexy -- plain and simple. I'd take an average-looking genius over a highly attractive woman with the IQ of frozen yogurt.

People shouldn't feel intimidated to date someone who has more education under their belt. It shows that they worked hard to get those degrees. It shows they are articulate, can solve problems, and achieve goals. Those are all attractive attributes in a partner.

A person with outstanding academic credentials is a keeper! Instead of worrying they'll upstage or outsmart you, think of the many benefits a highly educated person can bring to the table.

Give them a chance -- you may just find you dig their nerdiness a lot more than you expected.

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