President-elect Donald Trump

He did it. The man I watched fire countless contestants on Celebrity Apprentice for many years will become the 45th president of the United States.

Speaking of the show, I'll never forget watching an episode one Sunday night when, all of the sudden, the programming was abruptly interrupted.

It turned out President Obama would be holding a press conference to announce that he and his team -- including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- had launched an operation in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden.

Who would have thought that just five years later, all three would be involved in the most divisive election the country has ever seen?

Donald Trump was never taken seriously by the Washington establishment, and he got the last laugh last night.

Despite being heavily outspent by Hillary Clinton -- and with virtually no ground game of which to speak -- he pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the nation's history.

To use a sports analogy, even the teams with the biggest payrolls (Clinton far outspent Trump) and most experienced/sought-after players (she was greatly more qualified) win a championship every year.

No matter what they threw at him -- the Access Hollywood tapes, allegations of sexual harassment, his reluctance to release his tax returns, his unsavory comments toward women and minorities, his shady business dealings -- the man just kept coming back, seemingly stronger than before.

The outcome of this election clearly showed that a vast segment of the population is clamoring to see the country go in a new direction. It signals a stunning repudiation of the globalized elite epitomized by the Clintons, which many voters see as corrupt and indifferent to their concerns.

As it turns out, people were ready in 2016 to see political correctness go out the window and embrace an agent of change -- an outsider, if you will -- who pledged to effect serious change in Washington.

While I can't say I agree with America's choice, I recognize that living in a democratic society entails exercising our right to vote for the person we feel is best suited to lead our country. The voters have spoken, and to more than half of them, that individual is unequivocally Donald Trump.

I agree with President Obama that now that the election is over, it's incumbent on Americans to stand behind our president-elect and hope that he can unify the country following an intensely bitter campaign.

The onus is on him now to make good on all the promises he made during the campaign that will ultimately help the country, from creating jobs to stamping put crime.

It is my hope that we will see a much more presidential Donald Trump moving forward -- one that will put aside the inflammatory rhetoric and guide the nation toward an era of prosperity, as he said he'd do on the campaign trail.

While I'm relieved to see the election come to a close, there's no question that President-elect Trump's work is cut out for him.

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