Election Day: It all ends today!

Can you believe it's Election Day?

It still feels like it was yesterday that Donald Trump announced his candidacy, sending near-shockwaves through the intersecting worlds of politics and entertainment.

Polls have tightened in recent weeks, and although Hillary Clinton has maintained a slim lead, who will come out on top is anyone's guess.

Let's face it: No one thought Donald Trump would make it this far. But his fiery brand of anti-establishment populism has resonated with a great swath of the American public. In what started as a crowded field of 17 Republican candidates --- distinguished politicians and accomplished businesspeople among them --- real estate tycoon Donald Trump is the last person standing.

As for Hillary Clinton, everyone and their brother knew she had the nomination in the bag, even though the upstart Bernie Sanders gave her a run for her money in the primaries.

This election has largely been a contrast between keeping the status quo (Clinton) and effecting change in Washington (Trump). While Trump has charged that Hillary's email scandal and cozying up with Wall Street makes her too corrupt to be president, Clinton has asserted that his outrageous remarks toward women, latinos, people with disabilities, and other groups make him temperamentally unfit for the job.

Clinton's campaign has been buoyed by several factors. Not only has she outspent her opponent considerably over the airwaves, but she's been propelled by a who's who of political heavy hitters (e.g., President Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton) and celebrities (Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Katy Perry).

There's no question that the back-and-forth, tit-for-tat has seemed virtually endless. Thankfully, it all ends tonight.

Even though Trump alluded to not being able to accept the final result should it not be in his favor, I really do hope he'll concede graciously.

This country has been left bitterly divided as a result of this intensely acrimonious campaign. The least the candidates can do is work to bring the country back together and pledge to stand behind whoever will occupy the Oval Office.

How happy are you that this crazy, divisive election season is coming to a close?

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