SICK: Woman arrested for sleeping with daughter's boyfriend

I wrote a post last week, Another teacher busted for sleeping with students, about a substitute teacher in Georgia who was arrested for abusing her position of authority by sleeping with two different teenage students.

Yet another Georgia woman, Kathy Tompa, will spend 15 years behind bars after seducing and sleeping with her 15-year-old daughter's boyfriend for at least six months. Disgusting!

But it gets worse: Tompa apparently instructed him on how to cajole her daughter into having sex with him. She advised him on how to do everything from kiss to touch her.

She even helped the boy sneak out of the house and hide the affair from his parents, who couldn't help but notice his odd behavior and slipping grades.

The male teen's mom claims Tompa stole his innocence and is to blame for severe emotional distress he's suffered. As if that weren't enough, she says that due to the humiliation that Tompa has brought to the boy's family, they had to move out of the area they lived in for many years.

Along with her 15-year sentence, Tompa was ordered to pay a fine and to provide financial assistance toward the boy’s therapy. She must also register as a sex offender following release.

Tompa's behavior is reprehensible on two fronts: Not only did she sleep with an underage kid, but she gave him a crash course on to bed her own daughter. In short, what she did is nothing short of pimping out her kid.

I'm glad that Tompa wasn't given a free pass just for being a woman. Indeed, I've noticed that men tend to get much harsher sentences for these kinds of despicable acts.

No matter their gender, people who prey on children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I can only imagine it'll take years for the teenage boy -- and possibly Tompa's daughter -- to recover from this terrible event.

Do you think Tompa's punishment fits the crime?

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