People who go to the gym: more attractive?

Is it fair to say that we generally find people who go to the gym more attractive?

It's not that going to the gym necessarily makes you more attractive. Whether someone is slim or thirty pounds overweight, they may never catch your eye. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and no two people have exactly the same taste. We don't assign the same weight to the same physical attributes. For instance, you may like blue eyes, your cousin may fancy a nice smile, and your friend may go gaga over a great body.

However, what I think we can all agree on is that it's a person's drive to lose weight and look good that makes them more attractive. I may not consider Sally at work to be my type, but the mere fact that she's at the gym every night busting her behind enhances her overall appeal as a person. In most people's eyes, it shows her to be hard-working, determined, and highly concerned about her physique. When we see someone putting in real effort to look better, we tend to reward that effort by conceding that they do.

There's no denying that most people would take no issue with their partner hitting the gym. Aside from the fact that thinner and more toned usually translates to "more attractive," losing weight (or fat) can only be beneficial to our significant other's health.

But when one partner is committed to going to the gym and the other couldn't be dragged to step on a treadmill, it can produce tension in the relationship. The gym-goer might feel they're putting in the effort to look good for their partner and expect the other to do the same. But this is not the way to go.

Many people are not the least bit interested in exercise. More importantly, if you're going to lose weight, you should lose it for yourself -- not for anyone else. If having a gym lover for a partner is important to you, you should make it clear early on in the relationship.

Also likely to spark friction is when the gym-goer -- much to his or her jealous partner's chagrin -- starts to attract far more attention from the opposite sex. It isn't as if you can just accost your partner and say "You've gone to the gym enough. Now that you're turning so many heads, I want you to cease going -- or else it'll spell the end of the relationship!" Such an ultimatum makes a person look paranoid and insecure, and no one has the right to obstruct their partner from doing anything.

In sum, going to the gym doesn't make a person universally attractive in terms of appearance, but their determination to look better does bolster their appeal as a person. It shows they care enough about their looks and health to invest the time and effort. In the end, people respect and admire people who are committed to achieving goals. As anyone who sticks to a workout regimen knows, staying in great shape is no easy task!

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