Is Trump toast?

By now, you've likely seen or heard about a bombshell video that surfaced yesterday showing Donald Trump making degrading comments about women in 2005. In it, he goes so far as to say that being a celebrity makes women receptive to sexual advances like kissing them and even grabbing their genitals. Trump issued what many find to be a half-hearted apology via Twitter and a video statement that was aired late Friday night.

Since the video first surfaced, not only have several prominent Republicans retracted their endorsements, but many are calling on Trump to drop out of the race, which he said he refuses to do. Tomorrow's second presidential debate will go on.

Many pundits view Trump's derogatory remarks in the video as condoning sexual assault. For a candidate who was already being walloped by his opponent for the women's vote, this controversy will do nothing to help his cause. His campaign -- and the Republican Party itself -- are now in crisis, with Trump surrogates scrambling to stop the bleeding and many Republicans doing whatever they can to distance themselves from the embattled Republican presidential candidate.

Many news outlets are saying that, as far as the video goes, there's plenty more where that came from. Indeed, this could be the first of several scandalous videos in which Trump makes lewd sexual comments to be released in the final weeks leading up to election day.

The momentum Trump carried into the first presidential debate was offset by his lackluster performance that night. He had trouble defending himself against attacks regarding the bitherism issue he perpetuated for many years, not to mention his reluctance to release his taxes. Perhaps most damaging was when Clinton shed light on his fat shaming Alicia Machado, a former Miss Universe, in the 1990s. (This was corroborated by a video played by the major networks.)

Trump has shown time and time again that when he's attacked on anything from his business record to his comments toward minorities, he becomes overly defensive, harping on the issue incessantly rather than pivoting to one of Hillary's failures as a politician. Most agree this approach has done him more harm than good.

I guess we'll just have to see whether the fallout from this shocking video will be the final death knell to Trump's campaign.

Do you think the video spells the end to Trump's White House hopes?

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