SHOCKING: Women in Hollywood are wearing THIS?

Thought cleavage-baring tops still constituted Hollywood's most risqué fashion trend?  Guess again.

As it turns out, celebrities from Kendall Jenner and Ciara to Bella Hadid are wearing the so-called vagina dress. Yes, this actually exists and, per Maxim magazine, is slowly becoming the rage in Hollywood.

Meant to show off every intimate tan line, the vagina dress, otherwise known as the double slit dress, is a revealing piece of fabric that doesn't completely cover the crotch area.

Honestly, I don't know what the world is coming to. Pretty soon, we'll see some Hollywood actresses walking around naked.

Wardrobe malfunctions. Exposed crotches. Why can't these women leave anything to the imagination anymore?

I worry about the example these celebrities are setting for impressionable children, teenagers, and young women. One thing is to dress sexy -- another is to be on the verge of showing your vagina to the world.

I just think this crosses a line.

I wouldn't want my mom, sisters, or daughter dressing this way in public, and I'm sure you feel the same way. It is my hope that retailers won't proceed to sell vagina dresses to the general public.

But that's being a tad naive, isn't it? Whatever is worn by, say, a Kardashian virtually becomes the "it" thing in the fashion world overnight.

Do a Google search for the vagina dress and check it out for yourself. It has "less is more" written all over it. Without a doubt, these women are trying to convey one thing: that showing as much skin as possible is their prerogative.

What's your take on this? Would you ever wear the vagina dress youself?

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