Should teachers be allowed to wear tight clothing?

Someone of you might assume I'm only referring to female teachers, but this applies to male ones as well.

An Atlanta teacher named Patrice Brown recently drew a barrage of criticism after posting on Instagram a picture of herself wearing a tight dress at the school she works at.

The slinky dress accentuates Brown's hourglass figure, and her detractors -- which run the gamut from parents to avid Web surfers -- charge that the dress is inappropriate to wear while around young children.

I think every school should have a dress code in place that teachers -- male and female alike -- should have to abide by.

I'd have no problem with Brown wearing the dress to a party, bar, club, or even the mall. (Critics, though, might assert that children can still catch a glimpse of her at malls and other public venues frequented by families.)

However, I can understand people taking issue with her form-fitting dress at school. I was already eying "cute" girls -- and that includes pretty teachers -- in the 2nd grade. Without a doubt, a teacher in a sexy dress would surely distract me from focusing on times tables, the solar system, or George Washington.

I wouldn't want my child's grades to suffer as a result of his or her persistent ogling. There's always the possibility that the kid will become so enamored of their teacher that they'll think of him or her even at home, preventing them from studying or completing homework assignments.

I wonder whether teachers who dress provocatively have gotten any pushback from friends, family, or significant others.

And here's a question that immediately crossed my mind upon reading the article: If Brown were overweight or very thin -- as opposed to curvaceous -- would she still get so much flak for the dress?

Whether it's tight jeans or leggings, tight shirts or small skirts, male and female teachers alike should strive to dress appropriately for the workplace -- just as any employee would in corporate America.

Think the uproar over the dress is exaggerated? Google "Patrice Brown" and you be the judge.

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