Another teacher busted for sleeping with students

It happened yet again, this time in Georgia.

A 38-year-old substitute teacher, Laura Rich, was arrested last week after having sexual encounters with two students in her house.

Though both students were at the age of consent, it's her position of authority that makes her alleged behavior a crime.

She began a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old shortly after she began substitute teaching in 2015, and then had sex with an 18-year-old a few months later.

Rich was charged with two counts of sexual assault by a teacher and was released on a $22,400 bond that same day.

It's mind-boggling how so many teachers continue to have sex with their students. How can they have such reckless disregard for the consequences of their actions?

I doubt that Rich will ever be able to teach again, and who knows what consequences the teenagers will face.

These teachers should know better. If they really want to enter into a relationship with a student, they know what the best course of action would be: waiting until the teen graduates (and that's assuming the kid will be of legal age at that point).

But having relationships with your students is a surefire way to lose your job and get in trouble with the law, tarnishing your reputation and self-worth in the process.

I wonder why so many of these teachers have a thing for youngsters 10, 20, or more years their junior. From what I've seen, the teachers tend to be physically attractive, so it isn't like they wouldn't be able to find someone their age.

It could very well be that other factors are at play, from mental problems to self-esteem issues. Maybe they've been burned in relationships with men their own age or pride themselves on being "cougars" who deflower younger boys.

Either way, it's inappropriate and needs to stop. Schools should make it loud and clear that teachers who engage in such behavior will pay the piper.

What's your take on this?

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