Unprotected sex is still rampant

Over the years, I've come across hordes of people -- friends, coworkers, and the like -- who have confided to me that a night of passion devoid of any form of birth control resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Though they wouldn't give up their children for anything in the world, they admit that if they could go back, they would use protection.

Many of these people told me they weren't ready for the demands that parenthood imposed on them. Some hadn't even finished college. Others were unemployed and facing dire financial straits even before learning of the pregnancy.

While their endless devotion to their kids helped them weather such storms, they concede it wasn't without great sacrifice. They couldn't make the most of their earlier years like their childfree peers, who had more opportunities to travel and enjoy other activities. They also acknowledge that having kids at such an early age put an immense strain on their finances and, in some cases, their relationships.

My wife and I went to great lengths to prevent this from happening. In fact, she began using birth control months before we were intimate with each other. She learned from the experiences of two of her brothers, who became dads a lot earlier than they'd anticipated.

What I often mull over is this: Why do so many people engage in such behavior?

Many people get so caught up in a moment of pleasure that they forget the consequences of their actions. (Oftentimes, alcohol is partly to blame.) Others are mindful of such consequences, but can't resist the adrenaline rush of doing something dangerously risky.

It goes without saying that once children hit adolescence, parents should communicate to them the perils of having unprotected sex, from pregnancy to STDs. More important, they should impress on them the benefits of abstinence, the only foolproof method of birth control, until they're ready to take that step..

Indeed, studies show that men and women who put off having kids until they graduate from college find better jobs, build bigger savings accounts, and go on to lead more prosperous lives altogether.

If you suspect that someone you know is having unprotected sex, it'd be worth driving home these points and seeing if it leads them to change their ways. Some people are just ignorant of the consequences of their actions and need a little sense slapped into them.

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