Women find THIS trait in men very attractive

It's no surprise that men and women find many of the same characteristics in the opposite sex to be attractive, from humor to status and warmth.

But according to an article published by Psychology Today in 2015, not all traits are created equal for both genders.

In fact, women place far more weight on mindfulness -- non-judgmental engagement in the present moment -- than their male counterparts.

We usually associate mindfulness with such meditation techniques as yoga, but research has confirmed that it can also be a predictor of a woman's romantic interest in a man, especially in the earliest stages of courtship.

In other words, when a woman finds a man fully engaged in their conversation -- asking her questions and making a conscious effort to get to know her well -- it usually boosts her interest in him.

On the other hand, guys who find themselves drifting into space during dates risk turning their date off almost instantly. One of my closest friends admits that he has a tendency to zone out every so often and think about things he's done over the course of the day, or has to do the next day. His dates have picked up on this and likely misconstrued it as boredom. Needless to say, he never hears from them again.

Interestingly, the study found that male judgments of romantic interest were independent of mindfulness, but closely linked to physical attractiveness. In other words, a man doesn't care as much if his date doesn't seem invested in the date, so long as she looks good.

This research further supports the notion that while men are more hung up on looks, women are more apt to look beyond the physical and pay attention to the particular things her date says and does. Many women have told me that good looks are a plus, but they place a greater premium on such attributes as self-confidence and overall temperament.

So here's an admonishment for the men reading this post: If your attention is focused elsewhere while you're on a date with a woman, she will notice this. You must remain focused on her most of the time. Not only should you maintain eye contact, but your body language and mannerisms should reflect a genuine interest in the conversation. If you're constantly slouching or looking at your watch, you can forget about going on a second date with this woman.

Ladies, would you agree that mindful men are highly attractive? Where does mindfulness rank on your list of the top qualities you seek in men?

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