Why physical cheating is as bad as emotional cheating

Many people believe that emotional cheating is actually worse than the physical kind. When asked why, they say it represents the ultimate betrayal in that a person has furtively given away their heart -- one already promised to their partner.

While I understand their point, I feel I would be equally devastated at learning that my wife has been sleeping with someone else, whether emotions are involved or not.

Think about it: Your partner is giving his or her body to someone who isn't you, providing unrestricted access to private areas that should be reserved only for you.

The Bible says that when two people marry, they come together as one flesh. If that's the case, then your partner is technically sharing a part of you with his or her lover!

The physical act of sex is the most intimate thing you can share with someone you love. The reason many people don't think of it this way anymore is because sleeping around -- before marriage -- has become so commonplace that it has diluted the sanctity of marriage to a certain degree. Waiting until the night of the wedding to lose your virginity seems a relic of the past.

Whether cheating is of the physical or emotional variety, it is a flagrant violation of the trust one's partner has put in them. If someone finds themselves engaging in either one, they should own up to it before their partner finds out.

There's no worse feeling than discovering a damning text message/email, or catching one's partner in the act. And to me, carrying on an affair behind your partner's back is one of the most despicable things a person can do. It epitomizes selfishness and deceit at its very worst.

Discovering their partner has fallen in love with someone else might sting more to some people than finding out the affair is purely sexual, but remember one thing: In many cases, no-strings-attached sex can eventually pave the way for deeper feelings. That's why, in my view, both kinds of infidelity are equally egregious.

What's your take? Do you think physical cheating is as abhorrent as emotional cheating? Why or why not?

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