Learn why negativity is so POWERFUL

We live in a world where negativity seems to negate positivity at every turn.

Take the news. The major headlines always seem to revolve around murder, violence, crime, and drama. You hardly see or hear anything about good Samaritans saving lives, animals being adopted, or people making a positive impact on their community.

This extends into the workplace, where our mistakes tend to outshine our accomplishments. You may have helped your boss land a million dollar account yesterday, but if something you did today resulted in her looking bad or the company losing money, guess what? That's all that counts. The work world seems to operate on a "what have you done lately" mentality.

Negative experiences and events can be so powerful as to lead us to make pretty drastic decisions. Even if we like our jobs, adverse circumstances like sexual harassment and abuse can drive us to resign immediately. The same applies to relationships; physical or emotional abuse is a deal-breaker, even when the offender acts normally most of the time.

Studies show that some of the most effective ads ever created have historically been of a negative nature, like anti-smoking ads detailing the negative consequences of smoking -- from lung cancer to second-hand smoke. It's no surprise why: They incite emotions in us -- fear, worry, disgust -- that seemingly have a more lasting effective than positive feelings like joy and optimism.

Perhaps it's for this reason that Donald Trump is trying his hand at what many people would call a negative campaign. In case you missed the Republican National Convention, he tried to paint a grim picture of America as being brought down to its knees by rampant crime, soaring unemployment, and other nagging problems. While many people might this too negative as to seem believable, his message is resonating with those who are suffering the most.

In a world that seems to pay more attention to the bad than the good, it can sometimes be challenging to find a reason to be optimistic about the future. But we mustn't let negative news and events dampen our spirits. There is good in the world worth fighting for. Each storm eventually passes.

Negativity adversely affects our health and relationships. We should aim to clear our minds of negative clutter and fill them with positive thoughts. While we'll always need to deal with negativity to some extent, remember one thing: Life is less about what happens to you and more about how to deal with what happens to you. Optimism is a powerful tool in our arsenal with which we can turn a negative situation into a positive one.

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