Do THIS and men will think you want sex

As a man, I've watched men's reactions to women's words, gestures, and overall behavior over the years and can safely say one thing:

Men are AWFUL at reading women!

You wouldn't believe how giddy some men get when an attractive woman so much as smiles or touches them.

And it gets better...

Many men conclude that just because a woman is very nice to him, she must want something: If not a relationship, she must be looking to sleep with him!

I know. It's preposterous.

Maybe it's that their sexual frustration is clouding their judgment, or perhaps they'll think anything just to bring their self-esteem and self-confidence up.

One thing is to think that an overly friendly woman might be interested in you. Even men with relationship experience can make that mistake.

Another is to mistake a friendly gesture for a sexual come-on.

These men forget that especially in the world of dating, actions reveal far more than words.

Here are some examples of things women can do to make it obvious that they're interested in a relationship, sex, or both:

  • Doing everything they can to see the guy, even if it means canceling plans with friends or leaving work early 
  • Asking if he has a girlfriend
  • Requesting or going for hugs and kisses
  • Asking if she can sleep over
  • Saying "I love you"
  • Excessive touching, including reaching for private areas 
If a woman wants a guy to know that she wants him, she will show it. Unfortunately, too many hopeless guys want to see what isn't there. 

I've already told several guys not to construe a woman's friendliness as an invitation for sex, but they don't seem to learn. Once they realize they jumped the gun, they launch a tirade against the female gender, vowing never to approach another woman ever again.

And then they're back at the club buying them drinks the following week.

You've been warned, ladies. You can't even be nice to men these days without some of them thinking you want some action. If you're not interested in the guy, be mindful of the message you may be sending.

Share your experiences. Have you encountered this yourself? What happened?

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