All men think about is...

Or so says a buddy of mine who, even at the age of 32, continues to run from commitment like the plague.

He admits that he can't shake off his addiction to porn and sleeping around.

While my friend might serve as a prime example for those who say all men think about is sex, I'm living proof that just isn't true.

I, for one, believe there is so much more to life than sex. Sure, when I'm in the mood, I'm really in the mood. But that only happens two, maybe three times a week -- not all the time.

Like everything else, sex becomes routine if done too frequently. I'm incredulous at the notion that people could want to have sex 3 or 4 times every single day. One thing is to say you want it and another is having the stamina and desire to continue after two intense sessions!

A life that consisted only of sex would be a boring one indeed. Sex is only one of a multitude of ways in which we can derive pleasure. There's a lot to be said for so many other pursuits, like traveling to faraway destinations, eating scrumptious food, and sunbathing on a picturesque beach.

I have a high sex drive, but my libido lies dormant for most of the day. There are many other things that occupy my mind, from bills to news events. When I'm tired or depressed, sex is the last thing I wish to think about. 

To say that men think of sex all the time is beyond absurd. I strongly believe that men who say they do -- like the friend I mentioned above -- are grossly exaggerating. 

I think these guys probably fear they won't exude enough manliness unless they speak openly about wanting sex very often. 

Interestingly enough, it's these guys (like my friend) who tend to strike out the most with women. Go figure. 

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