Great men aren't thinking of sex, but THIS

Contrary to popular belief, not all men focus solely on a woman's body. Not all of them are merely thinking about sex -- at least, not the men worth keeping.

You know you've landed a good man when he cares more about getting to know you on a personal level -- your dreams, your goals, your fears. The worthwhile man sees a woman as more than a slab of meat. He wants to pick her brain and challenge her intellectually. He wants to determine which causes she's passionate about, whether women's rights or animal cruelty. 

A good man doesn't want a woman to feel pressured to give it up on the first date -- nor on the second, third, or even fourth for that matter. He'll want to be intimate with her once she's ready, even if it takes a bit longer than he'd anticipated. A great man knows that the sex follows naturally; it'll happen in due time. 

Far too many men sabotage relationships with potential because they fail to realize one ironic thing: the more a man can show he can do without sex, the more she'll want it. Nothing turns a woman off faster than a man whining about not getting enough sex. Little do such men realize that it all starts in the head; if she's not in a good place mentally (e.g. she's stressed or worried about something), she won't be in the mood. Plain and simple. 

Women are wary of men who begin discussing sex or making sexual advances so early in the game, and rightly so. Many men out there are looking for a good time in bed and nothing more. Women know that, unless they're careful, they could suffer serious consequences, from STDs and pregnancy to falling for a man who never calls her back, never to be seen again. 

Women are wising up. They realize there are guys out there who won't put that kind of undue pressure on them, so they're being more discriminating as to the men they welcome into their lives. 
I commend them for this. I've always been one of those good guys, and I'm tired of seeing good women fall prey to the "bad boy" trap. 

Don't lose hope. There's a good man out there for every woman -- one who cares more about her mind and heart than getting between her legs.

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