The DANGERS of showing men too much skin

Let me preface this by saying that women have every right to dress as they wish. No man should think himself entitled to dictate what she should and shouldn't wear.

That said, while women should be in the driver's seat when it comes to their appearance, the impression people form of them based on how they dress can't always be managed as easily.

Once you're labeled a certain way, it usually sticks -- whether old-fashioned, tomboy, or slutty.

As for women who like to bare a lot of skin, they sometimes send men the wrong idea and then wonder why men come on to them so quickly.

Men assume that if you expose your breasts, legs, or any other lady parts while in provocative clothing, you're doing so to attract attention.

The conundrum many women face is that while it's true they do it to get more looks from guys, they're not necessarily trying to send the signal that they want sex.

Some women just like to dress sexy. It's these scantily-clad ladies, though, who many men see as the type they want to have a fun night with, not take home to mom.

It all depends on the kind of guy you want to reel in. Believe it or not, many guys seeking a serious relationship are loath to approach women showing too much skin because they think sex is all these women are after, and they're looking for something deeper.

Ladies, if you, too, are in search of something serious and permanent, you're better off toning it down a bit. I'm not saying you have to drastically change your wardrobe. Just try covering up a tad more.

Why let a guy see so much? Leave more for the imagination. I assure you he'll respect you more for it.

What has your experience been like? Have you ever worn sexy clothing and given men the wrong idea?

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