Why it's good to cry

I don't care whether you're a man or woman, a poet or a fightfighter, a teenager or senior citizen. Everyone has the right to cry.

Society says that men should hold back tears so as not to display emotion. This thinking is nothing short of flawed. After all, men are people, too -- human beings who feel pain, sadness, and every other emotion experienced by their female counterparts.

If crying helps men feel better, why shouldn't they be allowed to let it all out?

Moreover, anyone who says crying makes a woman too emotional or temperamental is badly mistaken. Yes, women are more emotionally sensitive than men, but that's because both sexes are wired differently.

Men are known to use rationality to guide their decisions, whereas women more frequently act on emotion. Neither sex should feel ashamed of their inherent dispositions.

Crying can be therapeutic. Many find it an ideal way to flush out negative emotions. It's much like a rainstorm -- once it stops, a feeling of calm sets in.

Suppressing the urge to cry is not healthy. It's understandable if one would rather not do it in public. But keeping emotions bottled up will only allow the sadness and negativity one feels to fester for a prolonged period of time.

In short, if you want to cry, let it all out. Let yourself be human, and forget whatever society says you should or shouldn't do.

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