Why cheating should NEVER be tolerated

You can't turn on the TV these days without seeing something related to cheating -- whether it's a news report on Donald Trump's or Bill Clinton's affairs, or a scandalous episode of Maury Povich in which a man caught cheating with multiple women is being subjected to a paternity test.

I firmly believe that there is absolutely no excuse in the book for infidelity. As soon as one feels tempted to cheat, that's when he or she should have a serious conversation with their partner. Such an individual has two options: (1) Work on the marriage or relationship while resisting the urge to cheat, (2) End the marriage or relationship altogether before commencing an affair he or she will come to regret.

You can't have your cake and eat it too when people's feelings -- and livelihoods -- are on the line. Cheating is a breach of your partner's trust -- it's deception of the worst kind. Other than killing, hurting, or stealing from your significant other, there's really nothing more malicious you can do to them.

I don't know how people can carry on with their marriage or relationship while surreptitiously sleeping with someone else.
I can only imagine their being blinded by their own selfishness.

They want the thrill of a lover "on the side" without compromising their relationship. They reason that the affair will likely be short-lived, so why mess up something more stable and permanent.

This "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" rationale is misguided. Once the infidelity comes to light, the relationship or marriage will break -- and, in most cases, will be beyond repair.

I give a lot of credit to people who give their cheating partner a second chance. I'm far too cynical to do that. Once I can no longer trust someone, there's no way that individual can be in my good graces ever again.

Fool me once -- shame on you. Fool me twice -- shame on me.

What's your opinion? Would you take back your partner if he or she cheated on you?


Anonymous said...

How do they do it you ask?? Well one reason is addiction. Ever heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder??? That is exactly what they do. Boils down to Ego and lack of any empathy...and addiction

How to Understand People said...

Great reply, Anonymous. I've met plenty of narcissists at work. They're so unpleasant to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Should emotional cheating draw a twd flag to talk to your partner about? Better yet, answer me this. Physical cheating or emotional cheating, which is worse? - you have to choose one lol I'm actually curious to know your opinion ��

TiredofBS said...

I forgave a cheating spouse, only to find him cheat many times more in many ways. Each time, he blamed me. I was always responsible because I didn't do enough of one thing, and I did too much of another, and then when I got angry, I was "abusive." "I wasn't supportive..." as if this man knew anything about being supportive. I could never win. I would catch him on dating sites. He'd go on dates to hurt me when we argued. Finally, I caught him mentioning touching another woman's breasts on Myfitnesspal. It was also his decision to leave. I gave him the choice of going to therapy. He said no. I saw I wasn't worth any effort at all on his end. Was terribly painful. I do have my children, however, and I can't imagine life without them. He took off across the country to be with his third or fourth girlfriend since his departure. Here's the Karma: She's deformed. She's missing most of her fingers and a leg. Her intelligence also seems to be impaired. She's a Christian fundamentalist who doesn't believe in evolution, which is fortunate, since she'd be a link away from primate. My karma, I'm still waiting. He's still not paying child support.



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