One of life's biggest joys is...

Some might argue that the best pleasures in life revolve around sex, eating chocolate, making lots of money, or traveling to faraway destinations.

While those undoubtedly bring us some measure of joy, I feel nothing compares to the joy of giving.

Whether it's giving money to a woman on the street holding a sign saying she has three starving children, adopting a pet from the local shelter, or donating canned goods and clothing to a charity, I derive more happiness from giving to those in need than buying myself junk I probably won't use.

I firmly believe in karma and the idea that good things happen to those who help others.

While it's okay to spoil ourselves once in a while, it is important to remember that many out there could really use our help. I'm especially reminded of this when I see news reports of natural disasters striking countries already blighted by poverty and disease.

To be compassionate and giving is to have two of the most admirable qualities anyone can have. If more people learned to be this way, the world would be a much better place.

Let us each strive to give more and receive less -- without expecting anything in return.


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