Are you HAPPY with your looks?

A few of my friends and coworkers are always making a stink about something related to their appearance. They're too fat. Their nose is too big. Their hair is too long. It's like a litany of self-deprecating remarks that never ends.

I'll tell you now what I tell them: We all have attractive physical features to boast about, even if we don't look like Jennifer Lopez or Chris Hemsworth. Some of us have beautiful eyes or luscious lips, while others have been blessed with an enviable complexion. 

Still, we should refrain from placing so heavy an emphasis on looks. I won't say that looks don't count at all, but they can only take you so far. You can look like the next Ryan Reynolds, but if you treat your wife or girlfriend like garbage, she won't keep you around for long. At work, great looks might help you get the promotion and in the good graces of your flirty coworkers, but they don't negate a surly personality. 

I'd much rather be known for being kind, friendly, and intelligent than, say, an all-around hunk. I'm far from the best looking guy around, but I'm still satisfied with my appearance. Sure, I probably prefer to be a tad taller and with straight rather than curly hair. But that's what I was given, and I'll have to make do. 

And there are so many other qualities that make someone attractive that go beyond the physical, from intelligence and self-confidence to having a great sense of humor. Furthermore, thank goodness for the fact that we all have different taste. The women who catch my friend Darryl's eye look nothing like the ones who catch my attention.

There are certainly things we can do to enhance our appearance. We can lose weight and change our wardrobe, for example. Unfortunately, some people take it to an extreme by doing plastic surgery and other such procedures. 

I think we should be thankful with what God gave us. What we may find unattractive -- the freckles on our face, the birthmark above our lip -- someone else might deem cute or sexy. 

It's not a cliche: beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. 

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