Men think of sex this often...

How often do men really think about sex?

The answer is: It depends on the guy. Obviously, it can be influenced by a wealth of factors, from libido and stress to how often he interacts with attractive people on a daily basis.

There's a common misconception that all men think of sex every few seconds, but this has no basis in fact. I can easily go hours on end without sex even crossing my mind. Of course, things can happen to increase the likelihood of being turned on throughout the day and thus mulling over sex. If he thumbs through a Playboy magazine while getting ready for work in the morning, or happens to run into a drop dead gorgeous woman on the way to the office, then there's a good chance his mind will be in the gutter later on.

Would it surprise me if lifeguards, strip club managers, swimsuit photographers, or gynecologists reported thinking of sex more often than the average man? Absolutely not. One's profession and environment certainly play a role.

But to say that all men think of sex, say, every seven seconds, is a bunch of malarkey. I don't think a man could function properly being that mentally preoccupied with sex. Life doubtless gets in the way. We have work, our kids, errands, and so many other things to ponder. Not even men care to think about sex when they're depressed, stressed out, or simply in the mood to relax.

I think people who propagate this falsehood are giving men a bad rep. Not all of us are so consumed with sex. Why people put all guys in the same bucket is beyond me. Yes, many pubescent teenagers and beer-guzzling frat guys are this way, but it in no way encompasses the male population the world over.

Just as it's silly to describe all men as macho, lazy, or devoid of emotion, it's equally fatuous to say that all guys contemplate sex more than seven times from one minute to the next.

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