Donald Trump vs. Kim Kardashian: Who's more annoying?

In the battle between Republican presidential candidate and business magnate Donald Trump and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian for the coveted prize of most annoying celebrity/entertainer, I'd say it's a virtual tie. Granted, Donald Trump has at least made a name for himself by building a preeminent real estate empire. His name is slapped on everything from hotels to ties, even though I would never patronize any of his products or services.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is famous for, well, a sex tape. I don't understand how and why she makes front page news every day. And I'm not just talking sleazy tabloids -- she gets coverage from CNN, The Huffington Post, and many other reputable news organizations.

As I've noted before, Trump is all bluster and no substance. He was entertaining to watch on Celebrity Apprentice, but he's not presidential in the slightest. Not only has he disparaged women and minorities, but this election season has shed light on some pretty shameful things Trump has done in the past, like scam thousands of students through his now-defunct education company, Trump University.

What's saddening is that there are hordes of people who shower Trump and Kardashian with much -- undeserved, I might add -- adulation. What kind of a world do we live in where the media glorifies and people look up to these individuals?

We should be paying attention to those who really matter -- our men and women in uniform, teachers, firefighters, and generous benefactors who truly make a difference day in and day out. Those are heroes deserving of our attention -- and not foolish dolts like Trump and Kardashian.

What's your take? Who would you give the award for most annoying celebrity/entertainer to?

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