Big boobs or big brains?

Several single guys I know have told me that if they had a choice between their partner having big boobs or big brains, they'd choose the former.

My guess is that these guys aren't looking for a serious relationship at the moment; instead, they're probably aiming to fool around with big breasted women. When sex is all a man is after, their brainpower matters little.

But what good is having a nice rack -- or, more broadly, a great body -- if a woman doesn't have smarts to go along with it?

I may be in the minority here, but I find intelligence to be one of the most attractive qualities a woman can bring to the table. I find it so important that I'd think twice about dating someone who has no degree. (At the very least, she should intend on getting one in the future.)

It's one of the few prerequisites I had in mind when I was still single and looking to mingle. Thankfully, my wife not only has a bachelor's degree, but she's a teacher -- and a very bright one at that.

Big boobs are nice, but it is such a small piece of the puzzle. If the woman has the IQ of a potato, it instantly makes her unattractive in my book.

Men who are looking for a serious relationship should not stress over these superficial things. There's a lot to be said for a woman with a wonderful personality -- one who can challenge you intellectually.

If I had to choose between small breasts and a not-so-sharp intellect, I'd pick the former -- no question. Besides, did I mention I'm more of a butt guy?

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