Does arguing make women want sex?

Initially, of course, the answer is no. No woman wants sex when she's seething with anger following a heated argument.

But many admit to wanting sex once they've cooled down a bit.


We've all heard of make-up sex, which many women see as a tool for easing the conflict. They also feel a great deal of pent-up tension, and having sex seems like a great way to release it.

What's more, the tension seemingly changes from anger to a kind of sexual energy. Many women will admit that they find it a turn on when a man holds his ground and stands up for himself.

Instead of killing each other, the energy is channeled sexually, and what follows is what many couples say is the best, most vigorous sex they can have.

Of course, arguments don't always lead to rough sex. Oftentimes, they lead to no sex at all, as neither party is in the mood for action after such intense bickering.

Like anything else in life, it's different strokes for different folks, and sex drive always plays a key role. If she has a low libido to begin with, no amount of arguing is going to make her want to tango.

Ladies, are you ever in the mood for sex after an argument? Why or why not?

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