Would you still have kids if...

Would you still have kids if someone came around with a crystal ball and told you that doing so would lead to you and your partner breaking up or getting divorced?

I think it's an interesting question considering how often this plays out in the world we live.

Children can certainly strain a marriage or relationship. Raising a kid is expensive and leaves little time for other things couples do regularly before they have children -- from movies and traveling to, you got it, sex.

I've heard stories of men feeling as if they're given short shrift by partners who spend all their spare time with the baby. Still others become lazier once there is a kid in the picture, relying on the other person to do everything. Moreover, sometimes parents have a hard time coordinating when each person will watch the baby, and one might feel like he or she is putting in more than her fair share.

All of these challenges can adversely affect the marriage or relationship if both partners are not doing their part.

I wonder how many relationships and marriages go up in smoke once people have children. The good news is that most couples do find a way to make it work despite the sacrifice and challenges that parenthood entails.

Regardless, many people say they wouldn't have had a kid (or as many for that matter) had they known just how much work raising a child involves.

Kids are no walk in the park. No one should have any unless they're absolutely sure they want a child and are willing to invest the time, money, and energy required.

What's your opinion on this?

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