People with a lot of sexual experience?

While some people flinch at the thought of being with someone who's been, as they say, around the block, others are more forgiving and believe that one shouldn't be judged for his or her sexual past, whatever the length.

People who are skittish about dating someone who has slept with several people (whether it's been casual sex or with a partner) might use the following to make their case:
  • The person might be more likely to cheat, and may already have a track record of doing so
  • What if they had unprotected sex and caught something?
  • They'd rather be with someone less sexually active as it'd be more in line with their sexual behavior
Those in the other camp might make the following arguments:
  • Just become someone has had sex with several different people doesn't make him or her a bad person
  • In the end, personality is what really counts and merits judgment
  • Ample sexual experience means the person is probably good in the sack 
I think that people who are that sexually experienced aren't necessarily predisposed to admit it. For example, they might tell their partner about their most serious relationships, but neglect to mention a string of one-night stands. 

How a person would take it depends on a host of factors, from how conservative/liberal he or she is to the person's level of insecurity. If one person has only had sex once in his life and the other has had, say, 15 sexual encounters, it might make the former feel as though he has to work harder to please his partner. 

The more sexually experienced partner may also have a stronger sex drive. If their sex drives are too far apart, it might make for a troublesome relationship. 

Where do you stand on this issue? Should people disclose every person they've slept with?

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