SHOCKING: Lawyer caught having sex with inmate in Florida

Hang on to your hat, folks. Here comes yet another story involving people getting a bit too touchy-feely in, of all places, jail!

A couple of months ago, I posted an entry about two prison workers accused on having sex with two inmates.

This time around, a deputy caught a lawyer, Jessica Mishali, 35, bent over a table engaging in what appeared to be a sex act with her client, convicted felon Ysreal Granda, 26.

Records show that Granda is behind bars on four felony charges that include two counts of attempted murder. He was released from a Florida prison in March 2012 after serving the majority of a four-year sentence for a conviction on two counts of attempted murder in Miami-Dade County.

It appears Mishali will not face criminal charges, but by Thursday afternoon the incident had prompted an emergency hearing before a Broward County judge, an investigation by the Florida Bar, and Mishali’s banishment from all five Broward jails.

The report states that when the detention deputy walked in on the two, Granda quickly took a seat and Mishali stood upright, causing her skirt to fall back into position.

The Florida Bar, which oversees lawyer conduct and explicitly prohibits attorney-client sex. will soon conduct an investigation. If Mishali is found to have violated a rule of conduct, punishment may range from a reprimand to loss of her law license.

Needless to say, Mishali's alleged misconduct is unprofessional, and she probably deserves to be stripped of her license. That she would put her career in jeopardy by engaging in sex acts with a convicted felon in the interview room of a jail is flabbergasting.

The extent of her feelings for this man remain a mystery. But there's no question that love can motivate people to throw caution to the wind and do things they come to regret later. We hear about these stories all the time, whether it's a teacher sleeping with her student or a teenage girl becoming pregnant after having unprotected sex.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, far too many people think with their genitals rather than their heads, and the consequences are often dire. People like Mishali and Granda are among the worst offenders given that they seemingly become oblivious to their surroundings. Did they not expect someone to catch them in the act?

Mishali set a bad example for other women in her field who strive to honor the rules set forth by the Florida Bar. It's not very often you hear stories about lawyers and inmates getting it on, but I'm sure this incident is bound to make prison personnel across Florida (and the country itself) all the more vigilant.

What's your opinion? Do you think Mishali should be disbarred? Do you think her alleged misconduct should be grounds for arrest?

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