Does J-Lo think she's still in her 20s?

It would appear that way, judging from the way she dresses and the songs she continues to put out. The world-renowned singer, dancer, actress, and fashion designer seems to pride herself on showing a lot of skin, whether in her music videos or while performing at the American Music Awards (which she also hosted a few weeks ago). Many of her songs, moreover, continue to focus on big butts and sex.

Many pop music fans feel Lopez is trying too hard to channel a younger version of herself. They say someone ought to remind her she has children who look up to her. J-Lo's on-and-off boyfriend, Casper Smart, is almost 20 years her junior.

However, diehard J-Lo fans insist she merely enjoys flaunting the amazing physique she boasts for a woman her age, which, to them, isn't a crime. They go on to state that those who criticize her are jealous of her success.

You be the judge. What side of the fence are you on?

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