Do you like using curse words during sex?

This is just another one of those topics where opinion is markedly divided.

On the one hand, some people love using cuss words during the act, feeling it makes the sex kinkier and more exciting. However, more conservative folks assert that it cheapens and makes sex far too raunchy for their taste.

I suppose that the more sexually liberal the couple is, the more they'll be open not only to employing bad words but also trying out myriad sexual positions, sex toys, and so on.

I have a friend who feels bad words have no place in the bedroom. He states that he and his wife have a healthy sex life as it is without having to resort to expletives.

Some people (especially women) might refrain from using bad words for fear that the sex may turn more violent. Others might consider sex too sacred and sensual an act for such lewdness.

Yet, others claim they couldn't imagine sex without a few "f" words to up the kinkiness factor.They emphasize that sex is all about losing your inhibitions and letting loose, which includes freely using the kinds of words you wouldn't utter liberally in social contexts like work and church.

Some couples opt for a happy medium. For example, they might use the "f" word repeatedly to express pleasure, but refuse to denigrate each other, which other partners do get off on.

Personally, my wife and I love using cuss words during sex, as we agree it enhances the overall experience. We know each other well enough not to feel insulted by any bad words hurled either person's way. At the end of the day, it's all in good fun!

Do you use curse words during intercourse?  Why or why not?

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