This makes people SO ATTRACTIVE

When it comes to the wide-ranging factors that make others attractive in our eyes, there's no question that self-confidence tops most people's lists. More specifically, a person who does something expertly, like dancing, oozes sex appeal.

Those with great dance moves have a knack for exuding self-confidence on the dance floor, and they're visibly having fun in the process -- which makes them all the more attractive.

The wife of one of my brothers in law is the biggest pain in the butt to be around. She is stubborn, rude, and cranky most of the time -- and most people, including her husband, can't seem to stand being around her.

Except when she's strutting her stuff.

At my wedding reception, she left quite an impression on me, as I had no idea she could dance so well. As much as I hate to say it, it made her more attractive in my eyes. (Dance moves notwithstanding, I don't find her that pretty.)

I suppose that one's ability to do something better than the average person -- whether it's dance, sing, paint, or play a sport -- makes them more attractive. But it works to even greater effect when the individual displays his or her proficiency with conviction.

If a person is good at something but doesn't look confident doing it, it probably harms rather than helps the person socially. If you don't trust your own abilities, others won't either. Would you pay a doctor, barber, or dentist to do work on you if he seems unsure of himself?

It's also why shows like "The Voice," "American Idol," America's Got Talent," and "Dancing With The Stars" have achieved great success. People love to watch others captivate audiences with their talents. We figure that if we can't do it ourselves, we might as well watch others showcase their God-given abilities. Still others become inspired to cultivate the skills themselves.

It also explains why so many people hold celebrities in such high regard. If they can't be in Hollywood themselves, the most they can do is admire these stars and even live vicariously through them -- people whom we presume carry enough talent to have made it this far in life.

Sure, when you're so much better at something than other people, it's going to ruffle some feathers. Some people may become a little envious of all the attention you're drawing. Others might call you a show off.

But there's no denying that being talented at something enhances your overall appeal. People like being around others who are demonstrably successful, as subconsciously they assume that it boosts their reputation and likeability as well.

Have you found this to be the case with people in your life?

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