More sex makes you happier -- up to a point

According to new research published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, more sex may not always make you happier. In fact, although we tend to assume that more sex translates into more happiness, the link was found to be insignificant at a frequency of more than once a week.

The study, based on surveys collected over four decades of more than 30,000 Americans engaged in heterosexual relationships, is the first to unearth that couples derive no additional happiness after one romp in the sack each week on average. There was no difference in the findings based on age, gender, or length of relationship.

It goes to show you that people who insist on having sex three or four times a week with their partner aren't necessarily getting much out of it after the first session. On top of that, they may actually end up alienating their partner by pressuring them to meet a certain quota each week. Such behavior tends to turn people off rather than put them in the mood for sex.

I wish I had stumbled upon the research sooner, as I'm guilty myself of pushing my wife to help me hit a certain target weekly. I told her a while back that three or four times is ideal, and two would be the lowest I'd want to go. I have since changed my stance on this.

Still, it's important both people maintain an open dialogue about how many times per week they expect to do the deed.

What's your take?  Does the research contradict what you've thought all this time -- that more sex spells a happier relationship?

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