SHOCKING: Teachers sleeping with their students

It's alarming how often stories about teachers sleeping with underage students make the headlines these days.

In August, a 29-year-old teacher in Oklahoma was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having sex with her 15-year old student.

A month earlier, a 36-year-old teacher in Utah was sentenced to up to 30 years behind bars for sexually abusing three male students and continuing a relationship with one of them while on bail.

I've noticed that the ones who carry out these unsavory acts tend to be women. Or, maybe these are simply the stories reported more widely because they tend to draw more attention. (In other words, they translate into more money for media outlets.)

In a way, society has become accustomed to seeing men having relationships with much younger women. But when the story involves an older woman with, say, a teenage male, the media tends to paint it as being more taboo.

It'd be interested to see whether there are indeed more cases where the culprit is a woman. If that's the case, perhaps it can be argued that even male teenagers with ample charisma have a way of appealing to these female teachers' emotions, thereby convincing them that age is "nothing but a number."

Still, I think these women have to have a few loose screws in order to be carrying out relationships with such young boys. After all, one of the stories referenced above involves a teacher sexually abusing kids.

Many people assume that guys -- even those in their teen years -- think about sex  every 10 seconds and would therefore view an older woman's advances as flattering. This logic is flawed, however. A teenager may not want to have sex against his will -- whether it's because it puts him in a state of discomfort, he's aiming to abstain from having sex until marriage, and so on.

I think teachers who prey on their students need psychological help. Why be interested in or attracted to someone that age when there are so many adults in your own age group to choose from?

If It were 15 and my attractive teacher were coming on to me, I would feel uncomfortable. No kid should feel pressured into doing something he isn't interested in or ready  for.

Do you find these teachers' acts despicable?

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